Water Treatment Solutions from Badi Jawa

Protect crew health and ensure your ships’ systems operate efficiently with comprehensive water treatment solutions from Badi Jawa.

Central to Badi Jawa mission is offering programs — not just products — designed and proven to protect systems and increase the efficiency of your vessels’ technical operations. Our programs offer unparalleled immediate feedback and support to operating engineers, providing solutions where and when needed on a global scale.

Saving Energy. Reducing Costs.

The impact of reduced freight rates in marine transportation combined with increased fuel costs has put tremendous pressure on ship owners and operators to seek opportunities to reduce costs. In addition, environmental and regulatory pressures have increased the need to reduce energy consumption.

Water Treatment Services

Badi Jawa Service Engineers are graduates of leading maritime academies and universities and undergo thorough corporate training programs to provide the highest quality of service available in the marine industry. Service engineers train crew members and conduct on board water treatment tests to verify process control. They provide immediate feedback for corrective actions on board and thoroughly document test results for technical supervision.

  • Leading water treatment technology
  • Onboard ship service & water treatment test
  • Crew-training & feedback for corrective actions
  • Global network of knowledgeable service engineers

Water Treatment Programs


Badi Jawa offers a world-class ballast water treatment program backed by superior, consistently-formulated products and onboard technical support.


Our boiler water treatment programs minimize water-related damage and issues to ensure maximum equipment efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Our innovative, effective cooling water treatment products and programs minimize damage and contamination issues from occurring in cooling water systems.


Badi Jawa treatments and specialty test kits for monitoring water quality keep freshwater production equipment at peak performance and ensure clean and safe water for your crew.


Badi Jawa water test kits keep your equipment running efficiently, enable the production of high-quality potable water, and lengthen the life of your equipment.