Maintenance Solutions & Programs from Drew Marine

Badi Jawa offers our business partners superior, consistent maintenance programs worldwide, and we offer technical application support for your cleaning needs. Count on Drew Marine to provide you with effective solutions for your vessels’ maintenance, cleaning and repair.

Innovative Solutions for Your Application

As an innovator in our industry, Badi Jawa seeks to offer high-quality chemical products that have less impact on your crews and the environment. In addition, we offer process control expertise to maintain regulatory compliance with the MARPOL Conventions and other national regulations.

Programs that Back You

Badi Jawa offers Maintenance programs for the following applications: 


Badi Jawa offers a complete solution for living spaces on board. Our sustainable, bio-based CREW CARE products are designed to deliver a cleaner, healthier, safer living spaces, and our sanitation products are specifically designed to treat and prevent organic build-up in waste systems. We offer accommodation cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing products, via our CREW CARE Program.


Badi Jawa carries a complete suite of MARPOL Annex V Compliant chemicals and equipment for your dry bulk cargo operations. These include cleaners, temporary hold coatings and cargo hold cleaning kits.


Badi Jawa offers several IMO-approved tank cleaners, each designed to remove different cargo residues. Our full range of alkaline-based, solvent-based, acid-based and neutral-based tank cleaners are economical and highly effective in removing animal oils, vegetable oils, greases, mineral oils/hydrocarbons, noxious liquid substances or scale from tanks.


Badi Jawa offers a suite of maintenance chemicals designed to remove typical soils and foulants encountered in the engine room. Our chemicals, coupled with our experience in cleaning critical systems, such as boilers, evaporators, air coolers, separators, filters, electric motors and parts, along with general purpose cleaning and degreasing of surfaces and bilges, ensure we provide tailored, cost-effective solutions to ensure your systems and engine rooms are maintained at peak efficiency.


Badi Jawa prides itself in being able to offer our customers a portfolio of effective cleaners, degreasers, rust removers, rust inhibitors, sanitation system treatments, dispersants, oil spill kits, wire rope lubricators and high pressure washers, to battle the harsh environmental and operational conditions encountered on deck. Our products enable your deck departments to maintain shipshape vessel structures and deck equipment.


Rely on Badi Jawa for sealing products and technology that consistently meet the rigorous demands of the marine industry. Packings and jointings are high-quality and non-asbestos, helping you reduce maintenance costs and keep critical shipboard equipment functioning properly and safely.


Badi Jawa offers cost-effective programs for sustainable sanitation system maintenance, complete with biobased products that, when used routinely, can help avoid unwanted back-ups and expensive repairs.