How does it work: Pressure Loss

Pressure loss, also known as pressure drop, is the decrease in pressure as measured between two points in a flowing fluid system. Pressure drop occurring along the direction of flow in a pipe is caused by fluid friction, both internal in the fluid itself, as well as with the piping surfaces, piping restrictions or sudden […]

Model 900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer

Overview In the past, conventional Claus Sulfur recovery processes were adequately controlled on the basis of ratio or excess process air.  The development of new and modified sulfur recovery processes has dramatically changed the analytical requirements placed on the tail gas analyzer.  These applications require accurate chemical concentration data over wide dynamic ranges.  Selective oxidation […]

Introducing Sensia

As it was announced on February 23rd, Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger have launched into an exclusive, strategic agreement to form a joint venture that will leverage Schlumberger’s deep oil and gas domain knowledge and Rockwell Automation’s rich automation and information expertise. The new company will be named Sensia and will become the industry’s first digitally […]