We provide, you decide. We are Badijawa, a measurement technology provider for Oil & Gas, and Energy Industry We provide Robust, Accurate and Reliable measurement tools.

Who We Are Badi Jawa

Badi Jawa Suplindo (BJS) was founded in early 2013 in Surabaya – Indonesia. We are engaged in Instrumentation, Automation, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Supply, we offer the best service and quality as well as on time and after sales to our clients in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Cement, Power Plant, Pulp and Paper industries.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each client in offering exceptional service to customers, increased flexibility and added value, by optimizing functional systems and increasing operational efficiency. Our partners are exceptional in functional and technical combined with their expertise with experienced hands, thus to ensure that clients receive professional service more effectively.

With increasing effectiveness our quality management system is aimed at Prioritizing customer satisfaction and needs and developing information technology systems to support quality company performance.

Badi Jawa About

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Our Brands

Analyzers, Flow mesurements, Sampling system, we
make sure we have it, ready for any situation, on your decision.

Worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation.

Flow measurement products such as Barton Recorder, Caldon Ultrasonic Meter and NuFlo Turbine Meter.

A worldwide leader in environmental monitoring and consulting with focus on distribution of analytical instruments in industrial hygienists.

Manufacturer for steam & water sampling system for analysis at power plants.

Manufactures Patented reinforced graphite foil yarns, and braided packagings.

Genie Filters. Expert in engineering sample extraction.

Offering a range of tested and proven products for pipeline repair, maintenance and overhaul services.

Extensive knowledge and experience are unmatched in both the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries.


Get the latest exclusive knowledge about the development of Oil and gas instruments from Badijawa.

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